• Castelinho Caracol
    Castelinho Caracol

    Castelinho Caracol

    A place that marked an era!

    The Castelinho Caracol, one of the first residences in the Town of Canela, was built in the beginning of the 20th Century, between the years of 1913 and 1915, by Pedro Carlos Franzen who was married to Luiza Sommer. The couple had six children. Fernando, Alfredo, Cora and Ivone were born in Caracol. Irene, the eldest and the one who stayed at the Castelinho, and Anita were born in Sesmaria Machado.

    The residence was built with araucaria wood, a typical pine of the region, with a system of fitted wood boards and screws, without the use of nails. Before its use, the wood received a biological treatment. First it was immersed in the waters of the Arroio Caracol - Caracol Creek- during six months. After that, it was sawn and dried in the shadow in order to last longer. Then, the wood was worked on and cut according to the shape needed to build a little castle.

    The little castle has eighteen rooms. On the first floor are the bedrooms, the dining room, the music room, the bathroom and the kitchen. On the second floor the highlight is the sewing room, where the couple’s daughters used to make dresses and to sew covers for the feathers duvets. The feathers for the making of pillows and duvets were dried in the tower, which was also on the second floor, from where you can have a 180 degrees view to the vast green surroundings. The Castelinho Caracol preserves the furniture and utensils used by that time. The walls are intact and show, after almost a century, that the construction was the result of technique, knowledge and beauty.